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Monday, May 10, 2021

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7 open source tools to make literature reviews easy

Useful Websites - Literature Review - LibGuides at University of Texas at Dallas

A literature review summarizes and synthesizes the existing scholarly research on a particular topic. Literature reviews are a form of academic writing commonly used in the sciences, social sciences, and humanities. However, unlike research papers, which establish new arguments and make original contributions, literature reviews organize and present existing research. As a student or academic, you might produce a literature review as a standalone paper or as a portion of a larger research project. In order to understand literature reviews, it's best to first understand what they are not.

Free Literature Review Essays and Papers

BMJ, n Are you currently working on a systematic review or research project and need assistance with search strategies and literature reviews? Himmelfarb Reference Librarians are skilled researchers who are trained to assist you with your review. A recent JAMA article extolled the benefits of using a medical librarian to improve the quality of a systematic review of the medical literature.
Databases contain published literature reviews or studies that include a literature review. Select databases that relate to your topic and search for "literature review" or simply "review" as a keyword and combine it with your topic keywords to find existing literature reviews. Although this may provide a starting point to research, never rely on another's literature review to cover all the aspects and unique elements of your own research topic.
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