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Sensory Perception Disorder

My child has been diagnosed with 'Sensory Perception Disorder', It is a struggle to get her dressed in the morning as she screams and has mega tantrums because she just doesn't like the feel of the clothes. Any ideas?

Tips from another mum:

Try giving a reward every time she puts on a piece of clothing and doesn’t make a fuss. I offered my daughter a choice of her most three favourite things, it took some time but the child soon got the hang of it.

I also introduced a timetable of what was to be done in the morning so she had pictures attached with velcro onto a long strip of card showing that tasks in order eg: get up - brush teeth - have a wash - get dressed (each item of clothing listed separately) and then breakfast. If the child did all that with minimal fuss she had a reward of watching tv because that’s what she loves to do. We had a timetable of what to do at bedtime as well. It was a lot of effort and didn’t happen overnight but now she is a lot better. She still has a problem when there is a new fabric introduced but we do the reward system for a new item of clothing. She never wears it all day initially, just a few minutes and then longer each time.

Tips from an OT:

Sensory issues are common in children but if this is impacting on daily living then you might consider asking school or the GP for a referral to the Children's Occupational Therapy Service. Waiting lists can sometimes be quite lengthy.

Contact NAS helpline as they might be aware of training on Sensory Processing Disorders happening locally which the parent can attend.

There is lots of information out there about sensory processing difficulties. When a youngster shows this behaviour it described as “tactile defensive” and may indicate that there are other sensory issues she is struggling with. A good book that is clear and describes it all well for parents is "The Out of Synch Child" by Carol Stock Kranowitz.

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