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Meditation is central to the process of Energy Healing

Meditation is taught and practiced on the healing courses. Each practitioner and teacher therefore develops a meditation practice of their own. The healing work is done in silence and in a meditative state, and the recipient will often find they become meditative during the process.

Regular meditation can build a greater and deeper awareness. Firstly of the physical body, the emotions and the thoughts. And secondly, awareness of that deeper or higher aspect of ourselves that we may call the higher self or soul and, through that, the intuition and states of higher consciousness. Holding a meditative state enables the healing practitioner to be more aware of the client and to be a channel for healing energies. It also helps to encourage a state of quiet and calm in both parties.

Meditation practice can also be used, both individually and in groups, to invoke the energies of Love and Light for humanity and for our planet.

Some of the Energy Healing teachers also run meditation classes, eg Helen Loxton in Kingsbridge, Devon, and Dinah Lawson in Emsworth, Hampshire

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