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Section: Money and legal

Subsection: Grants

Disabled Facilities Grants

Help with gardens and perimeters of properties

Some useful info to know about Disabled Facilities Grants is that they are now able to accept applications for people who need work doing to the gardens and perimeters of their properties. I needed some strong railings and lockable gates put up at my property to stop Jamie falling down a six foot drop at the side of my house and also to stop him escaping from the garden. Fencing was no good as the weight of him falling against it would break the fence and cause him serious injury and obviously he could climb over a short unlockable gate to get out (which he did do several times!).

The whole application process and works taking place took two years so it's certainly not quick but definitely worth pursuing. Jamie was referred to an excellent OT who really understood his and our families needs. She helped us to reach a compromise with HCC/EBC regarding the look of the railings and gates so that our home did not look like a residential unit. They had to be 1.5 m high to meet the Councils regulations - the main reason being that the taller Jamie gets the higher the railings need to be and it was estimated that by the time he reached over 1.5m tall he would not be falling over walls and trying to escape. Once the works were approved the surveyor was prompt in coming to view the finished result and in making payment to the contractors.

This is worth letting people know about as I'm sure a lot of people don't realise they can apply for help for almost anything to make the home safe and to enable a person with disabilities to continue living at home. The grant also paid for me to have window locks fitted on every single window in the house as Jamie was climbing out of the lounge one to make his escape!! You can get more information from your local council or visit:

Dara Smith